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Art Education

Realistic drawing/painting course (in small groups or ONLINE)

This realistic drawing/painting course can be given in small groups at the studio or as a private online version. I’ll present you techniques that will develop your visual perception and during the week you will work on the designated drawing/painting.

All classes are on weekly basis. The group lessons at the studio are 3 hours and online classes are private live video-classes, that can vary between 20 to 30 minutes. During the online classes I’ll show you, live on the screen, the progress you have made and the concepts you still need to work on.

You don’t need to have experience in drawing or painting or any special skills. Some of the concepts you will learn during the Realistic drawing course:

- You will be presented to the use of the “right side” of the brain, learning to draw what you see instead of what you know about something.

- Relationships between lines, angles and shapes.

- Positives and negative spaces.

- Use of masses (value) to create the illusion of light and dark.

- Bases and Interaction between masses of values.

Please contact me if you want to attend realistic drawing/painting classes.

Reviews and student's galleries of works

Alex is an experienced art teacher. He could tell you all about it, but he thought it's best to let his students do the talking. 

Portrait made by a student during realistic drawig course

"I studied under Alexadre for over an year. I started with the expectation that drawing was impossible to learn based on many past failed experiences, including a BA in  art. He proved me wrong.
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Click for Letícia's gallery 


"When I started classes with Professor Alexandre I had no knowledge of drawing. Gradually I understood the concepts and technique of artistic drawind in a short time I was surprised how it had evolved !!! Today I can say yes, I draw!      ... Read more... 

Click for Idaly's gallery 


"When I first met Alexandre, I told him I wanted to learn something about painting even knowing that I was absolutely unable to draw at all. He told me I was wrong, because anyone can learn to draw.



Click for Tiago's gallery 


"I took the course with Alexandre and I am very grateful to have him as a teacher.
Besides being talented he is also very committed to the students. He is attentive and give a dynamic    
... Read more... 


Click for Fernando's gallery 


"Quand j'étais adolescente, j'avais suivi des cours de fusain. À les études et le travail, j'ai fini par abandonner et ne même plus dessiner. En arrivant à São Paulo, j'ai trouvé l'offre de l'atelier qu'Alexandre avait monté...     Read more...


Click for Myriam's gallery 


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